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Een organisatie van de V.Z.W. Easter Blues (Zogrally, 2006 wereldrecord, Massastart,...)

Van Bike Parts bent u zeker !

A movie clip made by Donald Macharis.

Do you want a high quality copy of this clip (1/4th Gig large)?
Bring a USB stick while visiting the Bike Parts shop in Grembergen (copying on friday and saturday only).
Due to time management : No postal services, no DVD burning. USB sticks only.
Also a full lenght 30 minutes movie (Made by Donald Marcharis) of the GSX-R event available (1,6 Gigabytes).

The Gathering ends at the Bike Parts motorcycle Shop in Grembergen (Dendermonde - Belgium)

This is one of many GSX-R 25th Aniversary clips found on YouTube.

VZW / ASBL Zogrally - Kleinzand 43 Grembergen 9200 (Belgium / BelgiŰ / Belgique)
IBAN : BE73 6524 8010 9060 -  BIC : HBKABE22
 (BE : 652-4801090-60 )